Victoria SpringVictoria Spring handcrafted jewellery and homewares are totally unique. Designs that are contemporary yet classical, distinctive and undeniably exotic.

Victoria first began making jewellery in Scotland in 1986 and exhibited at the Edinburgh Festivalthat same year. Her creations soon became popular and stoked in stores across Europe and the USA.

Having had a number of retail outlets in Sydney as well as selling Australia wide, Victoria now sells exclusively from her website and selected galleries across the country.

As well as running her workshops for adults and children, Victoria creates each piece of jewellery herself at her studio in the hinterland outside Byron Bay in Northern NSW, aspiring  to create pieces that hold meaning, enhance our senses and bring beauty to our lives everyday.

Each piece is handcrafted blending a collection of rare vintage glass stones, original filigree detail, found objects and quality Swarovski crystals.

Each design is regarded as a treasure, forging a link with the past with a committed vision to create objects of beauty. Contemporary yet classical, they evoke an era when romance, quality and authenticity is remembered.

All pieces are created combining a collection of vintage glass stones and Czecholovakian Swarovski Crystals. The unique vintage stones are in limited supply and are impossible to manufactured in this day and age adding to the precious quality of each piece.